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Frequently Asked Questions

What locations do you teach at?

I currently have two locations.  A therapy pool in Lee's Summit, Missouri and a pool in Lenexa, Kansas. Please reach out to me for more information. 

How is ISR different from other swim programs?

ISR is the safest survival swim lessons provider with over 50 years of ongoing development in the aquatic survival instruction for children and infants.  The goal of ISR is to create aquatics problem solvers. ISR only offers one on one instruction to make sure that your child gets personalized lessons based on their needs. 

Why are lessons 5 days per week for only 10 minutes?

As we all know, repetition and consistency is extremely important in learning anything. Based on the studies, short and more frequent lessons result in higher retention. Because children have shorter attention span, we want to take advantage of the best time for learning and make lessons super productive. 

Are you sure my child will learn the skills?

YES! Children are so capable; they can do hard things. It is my job to communicate with them and to tailor evey lessons to what they need. 

Are ISR lessons safe?

I totally understand your concerns. Yes, safety is my number one priority. ISR is the safest swimming lesson provider. As an ISR instructor, I am strained and required to follow safety protocols that will ensure that lessons are safe. 

Will my child cry?

Yes, children often fuss during their first swim lessons because of the new environment. In addition, I am a new person, and it will take time to get used to these new things.  It is always challenging to try new things and we feel uncomfortable until we get the hang of it. Your child will be emotional because they are doing challengin things. 

Does ISR replace adult supervision?

The answer is NO. Nothing can replace adult supervision. Please make sure you watch your children around the water. Follow me on social media to learn about water safety. 

If you did not find the answer to your question, please feel free to reach me!

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